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They also trained hundreds of university students to become counselors to work with their own pets to provide animal-assisted counseling to clients in the community. The work of Dr.

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Chandler and Rusty lead to the establishment of the Consortium for Animal Assisted therapy at the University of North Texas which furthers the development of the AAT field by providing counselor training, and counseling research. Chandler is an award-winning, international leader in the field of animal-assisted therapy.

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Her wonderful dog Rusty passed away in his elder years, but Dr. Chandler still works with her pets providing services to clients in the community and training students to become a counselor with their pets.

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Want to be able to volunteer or work with your pet? Cynthia Chandler twice per year, usually around April and September. The handler training workshop, which is eight hours, trains persons to serve with their pets to provide animal-assisted educational and social activities on a volunteer level.

The team evaluation is a minute appointment on a different date than the handler training workshop. See how to register below.

The facilitator, Dr. Cynthia Chandler, is a leading expert in the world on animal-assisted activity and therapy. She has practiced since the year , won several professional awards and has published a leading book titled "Animal-Assisted Therapy in Counseling," now in its 3rd edition.

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This also is a great introductory workshop for professionals who wish to work with their pet in an educational or counseling setting. For more information: Call or e-mail Cynthia. To register for one of Dr. If first time registering you will need to create a free of cost account at the Volunteer page. Being around animals has been shown to be good for the mind too. Involving animals in various forms of psychological therapy, including programs for substance abuse treatment, can be beneficial for a number of reasons.

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For those with an affinity for animals, it can make a nerve-wracking experience easier to manage, while for those who have experienced trauma or are unable to verbalize emotions, working with animals can provide a source of confidence and confidentiality. Exploring the various types of animal-assisted therapies opens new ways of helping people deal with mental health disorders that can lead to more positive outcomes and longer-term recovery. Animals are used in therapy because they can help people relax, minimize stress, and offer a sense of safety and unconditional acceptance that puts therapy patients at ease.

As stated by the American Counseling Association, this can help draw withdrawn or noncommunicative patients into conversation and the therapeutic process so they can get the most out of their therapy. In substance abuse treatment, animals can help people who have trauma or stress in their backgrounds, or who are embarrassed or ashamed of their substance abuse and hesitate to talk about it. They also provide activities through which the individual can be distracted from cravings and triggers.

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The relief of stress and anxiety through animal-assisted therapy can help these people avoid some triggers to begin with. According to the journal Annals of Long-Term Care , the therapeutic potential of the relationship between animals and humans was first recognized and explored in the s by Florence Nightingale, who found that pets reduced anxiety in psychiatric patients and children.

As early as the s, Freud was known to bring his dog to therapy sessions. Finally, in the late s, the first programs to certify animals for therapy arose.

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For an optimal browsing experience, we recommend installing Google Chrome or Firefox. Researchers at Georgia State University, Idaho State University and Savannah College of Art and Design decided to test the effectiveness of animal-assisted therapy in which a registered therapy dog was under the supervision of a licensed mental health practitioner.