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Can I Have The iTunes MiniPlayer Always Appear On Top My Windows?

All versions rating: [ 5 9. Latest Version: 2. Updated on Sep 18, Latest Version: 2. Updated on Sep 18, Please go to imazing. Your way.

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Get full control over your iOS device. Get iMazing. Keep precious messages Save, export and print your iPhone messages. Throughout its history, Apple has chosen to keep an old piece of software around for compatibility reasons, after it's been officially deprecated. That's why I expect iTunes to be available, either as a separate download, or maybe even hidden in the Utilities folder, for a few years to come. That way, users who absolutely need a feature that Apple isn't bothering to provide in the new apps will still be covered. It's almost certain that these apps will lack all sorts of features that have accumulated inside of iTunes over the years.

I don't know how long this transitional period might last, and given that the Mac may soon be making a transition to ARM processors, it's possible that it won't be too long. To put this in perspective, Apple announced the QuickTime X app 10 years ago, replacing QuickTime Player 7 in a similar feature-reduction switcheroo — and QuickTime Player 7 won't stop working until the next version of macOS comes out this fall.

I really don't know what Apple's plan is here.

Apple Kills iTunes: Everything You Need to Know

While the tech giant could write some new Windows software — some sort of sync tool that's a subset of iTunes's media features — I have a hard time imagining that Apple would write a Windows-specific app at the same time that the company releases tools that eliminate the need to write Mac-specific apps. I think the most likely scenario is that Apple will build a web app capable of playing back music and video to cover its media bases not just on Windows but on platforms like Android and ChromeOS, not to mention Macs that are running older versions of macOS.

All of Apple's competitors in the media streaming landscape have web front ends.

Why not Apple? This fall, a lot of Mac users are going to grouse about having substandard iOS apps foisted upon them. As annoying and bloated as iTunes has become, it's also familiar and functional — and it's human nature to dislike change. But in the long run, this move is good for Mac users. Apple has shown over the last few years that it's either not interested in or doesn't have the resources to invest a lot of effort in Mac-only development.

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The arrival of Marzipan means that Apple's programmers can upgrade an app once and have it reach every user on Apple's platforms, from iPhone to iPad to Mac. Apps will get updated more often, and their features will stay in sync. Apple also won't have to devote any more time to maintaining old Mac apps.

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In the long run, these apps should be better and more consistent. Functionally, Apple's one-app-per-task approach is also a smart one.

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When we call iTunes bloated, we really mean that it's been forced to do too many different jobs. Those are different tasks that can be done better by apps built for each purpose. It may be a bumpy ride for a while, but killing iTunes is the right thing to do. For the last decade, the Mac has been starved for resources as iOS has gotten the lion's share of Apple's attention.