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I wanted to do a story that was based on rhythm and rhythmic patterns, not in a literal way, but more in the case of childhood memories and how I, as a child, had to do things in a specific way.

On The House - Pleasure Control (Long)

I used counting — the counting of a watch or counting table corners when I came into a room to keep myself in control. All these kinds of childhood memories about drums, control, being out of control, about the years before you turn into a man.

E. Tory Higgins

In one set of images we see the skins of drums complete with all manner of marks and scuffs. Sejersen seems to be drawing a parallel between the marks on the surfaces of the drums and the marks of time and experience on human skin by juxtaposing close ups of each. When seen in this way, the photographs take on a sinister quality and hint at violence. I like these contrasts that come from very ordinary things or memories, and interpreting them. Indeed, dualisms or dichotomies — sound and silence, chaos and control, fragility and strength, reality and fantasy, pain and pleasure — are the lifeblood of this work, its pulse, its DNA.

The best example I can give is when you bump into something and it hurts like hell, but the moment you can feel that the pain is getting smaller it is actually a little close to happiness even though it still hurts, because you feel that relief. One helpful pain is the daily, mundane discomfort your body produces to keep you alive and well. This pain includes hunger, thirst, heat, cold, the need to urinate and defecate, and the physical pain of injuries.

You would soon be dead if you could not experience and respond to these pains. Another pain is the pain of Karma. The painful consequences of unskillful actions teach you how to live in harmony with the world if you only listen. Many understand karmic pain, in retrospect, as the source of their salvation. Their despair awakened them into recovery. It is right and good that you do what you can to minimize your pain and distress constructively.

Some pains can be alleviated. Some cannot. For those that cannot be eased, you have no option but to accept and bear your pain and search for a way to make sense of it.

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Acceptance is the key. Ground yourself in the realization that this Universe is sacred and that what happens is sacred, even senseless pain. With profound humility, you accept what you cannot change. With this act, suffering diminishes.

Sexual Pleasure Literally Puts You Into A Trance

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Pleasure is Important But Self Control Is A Necessity

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Your intentions help you heal and grow. There is a paradox to healing and transformation. We cannot recover out of self-hatred. Self-hatred only fuels addiction.

Hope is good for you and others. What is Generosity? When we are generous, we give.

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What is contentment? What is empathy? What is compassion?

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