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Our aim is to develop the resources and protocols necessary to implement quantum communication networks, quantum computation and quantum sensing. With the right choice of optical centres and crystals, extremely long quantum coherence times are possible, making these systems ideal for quantum storage, processing and sensing applications.

Researching the new materials and protocols needed for quantum communication, quantum computation and quantum sensing. The science and innovation of quantum technologies based upon optical defects in diamond and related materials.

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Laser Physics Centre. View Author Information. Cite this: Anal. Article Views Altmetric -. Citations Abstract The effects of analyte phase on the calibration response for laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy is investigated for a range of carbon species.

Solid state physics: solving the structure of materials with X-ray absorption spectroscopy

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Influence of oxygen addition to the carrier gas on laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy measurements on aerosols. Delitsky, K. Storms on Venus: Lightning-induced chemistry and predicted products.

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  6. Planetary and Space Science , , Scientific Reports , 5 1 DOI: Application of spatial confinement for gas analysis using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy to improve signal stability. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry , 30 4 , Application of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy in carbon sequestration research and development.

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    Laser ablation—laser induced breakdown spectroscopy for the measurement of total elemental concentration in soils. Applied Optics , 52 11 , Buckley, Stephen D.

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