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Tash Aw (2005) – The Harmony Silk Factory

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Categories of Interest: Select All. Current Affairs. Snow makes reference to her husband's "blank, inscrutable expression"; Kunichika agrees that "he is inscrutable, that's for sure"; while Wormwood recalls how Lim would habitually "return to his barricaded silence, locking me out of his world. The unfathomable, inscrutable East, I thought. I was cut adrift from the shores of understanding.

Shaping our identity and culture: Tash Aw at TEDxASL

There were long passages of Aw's narrative where I felt quite a long way adrift of the shores of understanding myself. He writes with what seems like effortless fluidity, yet the dazzling haze of the construction seems ultimately designed to deflect attention from the fact that it frequently demands patient re-reading without really deserving it.

The Roles of Nature in Tash Aw's The Harmony Silk Factory | wan roselezam wan yahya -

It is left to the binding image of silk to hold everything together. The process of the book seems to be encapsulated in Snow's description of a passage of music in which "the notes seemed to weave in and out of each other, no longer discernible, like a length of shot silk held up close to your eyes"; while Wormwood offers the observation of shifting memories being like "sensations that the years have layered on top of the initial emptiness, like sheet after sheet of silk covering a bare table".

Like a bolt of raw silk, Tash Aw's debut can be a little rough and transparent in places. What were acceptable forms of colonization in Malaya at this time? Why make Johnny half malevolent sell-out, half clueless country bumpkin?

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