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Catalogue critique par Georges Wildenstein , Paris [important collation of primary sources]. Gaethgens et al. Jackall, Yuriko ed. Percival, Melissa, Fragonard and the Fantasy Figure. Rosenberg,Pierre ed. Sheriff, Mary D. Fournier, Clark, T. Roth ed.

France: Revolution, Napoleon and “The Long 19th Century”

Lajer-Burcharth,Ewa, Necklines. Ledbury, Marc ed. Vaughan, William and Helen Weston eds. Oppenheimer, Margaret A.

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Reuter, Astrid, Marie-Guilhelmine Benoist. Snell, Robert, Portraits of the Insane. Images of Life and Death. Betzer, Sarah, Ingres and the Studio. Napoleon, Ingres, and David. University Park: Pennsylvania University Press, Siegfried, Susan, Ingres. Please log in to set a read status. Setting a reading intention helps you organise your reading.

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Rifkin, Adrien, Ingres. Granting everyone a self in principle, Cousin and his disciples deemed workers and women incapable of the introspective finesse necessary to appropriate that self in practice. Beginning with a fresh consideration of the place of sensationalism in the Old Regime and the French Revolution, Jan Goldstein traces a post-Revolutionary politics of selfhood that reserved the Cousinian moi for the educated elite, outraged Catholics and consigned socially marginal groups to the ministrations of phrenology.

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Situating the Cousinian moi between the fragmented selves of eighteenth-century sensationalism and twentieth-century Freudianism, Goldstein suggests that the resolutely unitary self of the nineteenth century was only an interlude tailored to the needs of the post-Revolutionary bourgeois order. Download all figures.

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